BLU – Battery Less UPS

Single & 3 Phase Battery-less Online UPS with Back-up Time Via Supercaps

3-Phase UPS with Galvanic Isolation Transformer

  • Battery-less Online UPS with Backup Time Via Supercaps
  • Thyristor Phase-Control Rectifier & SVPWM Based Inverter

BLU Series is a 3 phase in and 3 phase out true online transformer-based UPS that uses innovatie Super-caps based Energy Device (ESD) which can provide backup from few minutes to several hours. Super-caps energy ideally suited for Mission Critical Infrastructure (MCIS).

Single Phase IGBT Designed High Frequency UPS

  • Battery-less Online UPS with Back-up Time Via Supercaps
  • Advanced DSP Control Technology with Comprehensive Protection

We presents transformer-less compact design single phase true online UPS with advanced DSP control technology and matchless backup via super-capacitor based energy storage – Battery-less UPS is a perfect power solution that eliminates the inconvenience of frequent battery replacements. This high frequency robust design is most suitable for mission critical applications that provides stable powe within smaller footprint.


Advanced DSP Technology

Dual-DSP control chip, enhanced logic management, embedded PFC system & Eliminated zero drift with analog control; system update and maintenance.


N+X Parallel Operation Mode

N+X parallel redundant design, up to 6 units available; makes configuration more flexible. The master & slave may be exchanged. Parallel capacity also available to enhance power. 

Perfect Protection

Self-Diagnosis function at startup for safety. AC input under/over voltage, overload, short-circuit, over current, over-bus voltage, over-temperature, ESD under/over voltage.


Reliable Topological Structure

Rectifier adopts reliable thyristor phase-control technology; inverter uses Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation (SVPWM) inversion topology along with industrial IGBT modules.


Load Handling Capability

Built-in transformer helps to handle high power and torque load with heavy in-rush current, ideally suitable for all types of IT, industrial & Commercial load.

Comprehensive Monitoring

Provision of RS232 & RS485 communication ports, dry contacts for local monitoring via user friedly software and built-in SNMP adaptor for remote monitoring through network.