Combo Cooling

Provides both Air Conditioning and Free cooling in a very energy efficient package. Free cooling is powered on DC voltage to provide emergency backup cooling.

Combo Cooling for Electronics

Dantherm Combo Cooling 2000/135 is a compact cooling system – which is energy optimized by utilizing two cooling systems; free cooling when outside temperature is lower than inside, active cooling when free cooling is not sufficient. It thereby maximizes the energy efficiency and minimizes the operation cost.

It is designed for cabinets and shelters with limited heat loads. The combination of the two systems in one unit makes the installation easy and quality assured.

Features and Benefits


  • Energy efficient cooling, energy efficient fans with long service life and minimal power consumption. Efficient compressor using environmentally friendly refrigerant R134a.

Heat Management

  • Closed loop for active cooling according to IP55 design.
  • Energy efficient free cooling—controlled ventilation of the cabinet with filtered ambient air—utilizing the colder ambient air when the ambient temperature is available.
  • Build in heater to provide total heat management of a cabinet or enclosure and to extend the possible geographical area of deployment.
  • Emergency cooling with DC powered free cooling in case of power outage or compressor failure.


  • Mono-block plug and play unit.
  • 100% function test at facility to ensure quality, smooth installation and long lifetime of the air conditioner.


  • Build in digital controller with connected temperature sensor placed in return air stream on evaporator coil for most reliable temperature measurement and security of operation.
  • Changeable settings of heater, cooling set points, installed with high temperature alarm.
  • 3 Galvanic insulated alarm outputs for warning, fault and alarm of high/low temperature, filter, fan or compressor failure.

Optional Features

  • Filter guard- blockage detection kit.
  • Humidity sensor to measure the humidity in the cabinet.