Heat Exchangers

Heat Exchangers for Electronics

Heat Exchanger

The Dantherm Heat Exchangers is designed to control the internal temperature of telecom enclosures and cabinets. It utilizes the outside air temperature, exchanges it in a high efficient counter flow plastic core and thereby cools the internal air inside the cabinet generating an internal cooled closed loop.

Features and Benefits


Enclosure and Core

  • Counter-flow core using patented plastic twin sheet technology and rifled tube channels – providing high energy efficiency.
  • Flame retardant – using V-0 classified plastic
  • Comprising carbon black in plastic core for none static electricity – prolonging time between maintenance intervals
  • Light weight plastic core – to enhance ease of installation and less demands for cabinet – wall or door hinges
  • Light weight and stiff design – manufactured from thin sheet metal parts.
  • Corrosion proof construction – casing manufactured from thin sheet metal Aluzinc – EN 10143 & EN 10327.
  • Easy installation – supplied with mounting fixtures and lifting handles
  • Long lifetime moving parts – high performance radial fans.
  • Energy efficient fans – optimizing power consumption


  • Closed loop cooling – protects equipment against hostile ambient environment.
  • Passive cooling – using air to air heat exchanging, minimizes energy consumption.


  • Cooling strategy based on internal temperature set points. The cooling capacity relates to fan speed on internal and external circuit. Internal and external fan speeds are controlled separately.
  • Temperature sensor situated on control board – eases plug and play installation.

Optional Feature

  • Hot spot temperature sensor for connection to the control board.