Neutral Host –
IBS DAS Ownership

DAS Funding Models


– such as Telecom Operators

Neutral Host

 – Such as EMTEL


 – Such as Dubai Mall or Dubai Airport

Neutral Host – DAS Ownership

The concept of Neutral Host and related Business models are novel and attractive.

Business Model (Emtel Recommended)

• BOO – Build Own and Operate
• BOOT – Build Own Operate and Transfer


• Neutral Host

Build & Operate

• Neutral Host


• To be dealt case by case
• Jointly During the Contract – Neutral Host and Property Owner
• Emtel can discuss this in detail at a later time.
• Legal restrictions are to be checked.

Neutral Host Advantages

• All investments by Neutral Host
• All Technical and legal responsibility with Neutral Host
• Fully Managed by Neutral Host
• Revenue generated by Neutral host
• Revenue shared with Project/Property Owner
• At the end of contract, ownership & Knowledge is transferred to Project/Property Owner.