IBWave Simulations

Walk Test

Drive Test

Turnkey Project Services

  • End-to-End solution architecture design
  • Supply of the equipment and services
  • Installation, Integration and Commissioning
  • Acceptance testing Reports
  • System Handover
  • Return & Repair (RnR) Services
  • Maintenance
  • a. Preventive Maintenance
  • b. Corrective Maintenance
  • 1st / 2nd & 3rd level Maintenance Contracts

IBWave Simulations

Design for Multi Operators

Key Features

  • To ensure the KPI’s through the simulation/Heat Map during design phase to ensure that it will cater all the MNO’s requirements before pre implementation.
  • Multi-system and/or multi-building design: 3G, GSM, LTE
  • Multi approach
  • Passive IBS DAS
  • Hybrid/Active IBS DAS
  • RF Design using World’s best IBwave tool
  • Optimum system performance design
  • Comprehensive design documents
  • Customized design specifications
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Cost effective project management

Drive Test & Walk Test

Mobility Validation Driving Test

  • Check edges between BTS
  • Verify User Distribution between BTS
  • Check Coverage Gap between different BTS

Indoor Coverage Validation by Walk Test

  • Offices
  • High floors
  • Internal Interference by Wireless Services or Jammers
  • Federal Zones (Airports, Penalties, etc.)